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Trunks imaginary

Usual, unusual or decorative objects
created in the purest trunk-making tradition.

Leaf Écrin
The cozy nest of a young shoot

This box dressed entirely in leather welcomes and sublimates the young shoot of a Roviera bonsai by Pierre Salagnac.

The opening of its two butterfly doors reveals the first leaf of a future bonsai in growth and gives way to the beauty of this sculpture and the imagination of the adult tree.

Pierre Salagnac is a bronze artist and sculptor who has made bonsai trees blossom in the four corners of the planet. He reveals the organic curves of nature in the metal block with great virtuosity.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior sheathed in cobalt blue smooth cowhide.
Turquoise cowhide leather edges, studded with brass lozine nails.

Interior in gypsy colored suede goat leather.

Solid brass jewelry.

Dimension:  L4.6 x H5.5 x W4.6 inches
Light trunk
The glow of travel

This elegant lantern creates a warm and intimate atmosphere in the form of a trunk structure placed on the ground, open on each side.

Its style, mixing authenticity and modernity, diffuses a personalized halo of light and invites sharing and imagination.

The lighting is independent (top, bottom, side and bulbs) with three lighting intensities each. They are activated by brass touch zones located on the top of the trunk.

The bulbs can be removed and leave the base free to accommodate and showcase a sculpture. 

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior in waxed cowhide leather, nutmeg brown color.
Interior in suede calf leather cream dune color.

Edges in natural “croupon” riveted with brass lozine nails.
Handles in natural “croupon” leather, lined and sewn in linen thread and saddle stitch.

Solid brass jewelry.

Dimension:  L18.5 x H37.4 x W18.5 inches
Écrin Chess
The elegance of the game

This case unfolds completely to make room for the chessboard, which is entirely covered in lambskin.

The pieces, in brass and nickel, are discreetly and carefully arranged on either side of the board.

To pace the game, two clocks are hidden under the two central lines and slide on either side of the case.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior in pomegranate colored dipped lambskin.
Interior in medium powder pink suede.

Edges in carmine colored dipped lambskin, fixed with brass lozine nails.

Jewelry entirely made of solid brass.

Dimension: L21.5 x H4.7 x P9 inches

Mysterious Écrin

The hanging box


An écrin that seems to float in the center of an aerial trunk structure.

Its transverse opening reveals a watch with a grand complication that seems to float at the center of the structure.

The watch thus becomes the center of all attention and is sublimated by the trunk structure that becomes a frame.
Price, ask for manufacturing

Carmin colored dipped lambskin exterior.
Interior in black colored suede goat leather.

Grenadine plunged lambskin rims, studded with brass lozine nails.

Pull tab in natural croupon leather sewn with linen thread and saddle stitch.

Jewelry entirely made of solid brass.
Dimension: L15 x H15 x W15 inches
Trunk made revisited

Design an object that combines aesthetics with functionality. What could be more legitimate than revisiting the Paneton with the help of the trunk maker.

Wicker gave way to leather with a trunk-like structure and decoration.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Entirely sheathed in tobacco color full grain cowhide leather. Brass angles.

The traditional trunks jewelry is here in hazelnut-colored "croupon" leather fixed by solid brass trunk nails.

The "elephant ears" handles, lined and sewn with linen thread, use the same leather, hazelnut-colored "croupon" and are also fixed by solid brass trunk nails.

Dimension: L17.7 x H6.3 x W13 inches
Trunk stand
The artwork support

These trunk stands, enhanced by a synthetic glass bell, sublimate the artworks they host.

The whole harmonizes perfectly and enhances the artwork by giving it another dimension.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior and edges in oak leather or dipped lambskin. 

Jewelry made of solid brass, nickel or palladium.


Column lamp

Verticality of light


Little trunk digression.

Elegance and simplicity characterize this lamp which diffuses a soft and warm light through a vertical artistic structure.

The lights are independent and are activated by sensitive brass zones located on the top of the columns.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Solid oak base with brass jewelry trunk. 

Columns made of diffusing synthetic glass, sheathed in waxed cowhide leather nutmeg brown color at their base and adorned with a disc and ring in solid brass.

Dimension: L14 x H39.4 x W14 inches
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