Wines and Spirits Cat refinement Imaginary Trunks Boxes


All our boxes are handcrafted and tailor-made
in the purest respect of traditions. 

Cover-tray Box

The box with display lid


Malles jm continues to innovate with this multi-purpose box and uses the rimmed tray in the design of its lid, which gives it this atypical aesthetic and makes it sublime.

The client wanted to acquire a functional and refined object to house audiovisual accessories while enhancing his projection space with specific colors.

Its interior was divided into two parts and embellished with cushions to accommodate two high-fidelity audio headphones. The tray with edges accommodates various remote controls at immediate disposal.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior sheathed in oak moss green grained cowhide leather.
Edges in oak brown grained cowhide leather, riveted with brass lozine nails.

Jewelry made of solid brass with a double push-button lock.

Interior in chocolate colored suede goat leather.
Dimension: L19.9 x H6.3 x W9.1 inches
Glasses écrin
A view repository box

This glasses box dressed entirely in lambskin and brass to decorate with taste and refinement the office that welcomes it, while keeping your object safe.

Its innovative cover transforms this case into a repository while enhancing the object and embellishing its use.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Totally sheathed in toscane-colored dipped lambskin
Interior in chocolate suede.

Jewelry entirely made of solid brass.

Dimension: L8.66 x H2.16 x P3.07 inches
Leaf Écrin
The cozy nest of a young shoot

This box dressed entirely in leather welcomes and sublimates the young shoot of a Roviera bonsai by Pierre Salagnac.

The opening of its two butterfly doors reveals the first leaf of a future bonsai in growth and gives way to the beauty of this sculpture and the imagination of the adult tree.

Pierre Salagnac is a bronze artist and sculptor who has made bonsai trees blossom in the four corners of the planet. He reveals the organic curves of nature in the metal block with great virtuosity.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior sheathed in cobalt blue smooth cowhide.
Turquoise cowhide leather edges, studded with brass lozine nails.

Interior in gypsy colored suede goat leather.

Solid brass jewelry.

Dimension:  L4.6 x H5.5 x W4.6 inches
Écrin One dollar
The collector coin holder

This boxe, entirely dressed in leather, welcomes and sublimates two collector's coins.

Its chapel-like opening unveils two 1 dollar coins from the 1880s and 1890s from Philadelphia.

Their specially designed supports highlight them by supporting them in the most delicate way.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior sheathed in nubuck silver young bull leather. 
Black plunged lambskin angles riveted with nickel lozine nails.

Interior lined with lapi-lazuli suede.

Nickel jewelry.

Dimension:  L5.9 x H4.7 x W3.9 inches
Écrin for tissue
The elegance of softness

This case, dressed in leather and brass jewelry, brings a touch of elegance to your home or bathroom and transforms a simple tissue box into an object of luxury and prestige.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Grenadine colored dipped lambskin exterior.
Carmin plunged lambskin rims, studded with brass lozine nails.

Interior in medium powdery pink colored goat suede.

Jewelry entirely made of solid brass.

Dimension: L10.6 x H3.5 x W5.9 inches
Mysterious Écrin
The hanging box

An écrin that seems to float in the center of an aerial trunk structure.

Its transverse opening reveals a watch with a grand complication that seems to float at the center of the structure.

The watch thus becomes the center of all attention and is sublimated by the trunk structure that becomes a frame.
Price, ask for manufacturing

Carmin colored dipped lambskin exterior.
Interior in black colored suede goat leather.

Grenadine plunged lambskin rims, studded with brass lozine nails.

Pull tab in natural croupon leather sewn with linen thread and saddle stitch.

Jewelry entirely made of solid brass.
Dimension:  L15 x H15 x W15 inches
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