Wines and Spirits Cat refinement Imaginary Trunks Boxes

Trunks and cats

Objects and accessories revisited in the trunk-maker style
in a spirit of aesthetics for masters and well-being for felines.

The feline manicure

The largest and most majestic felines could only own a scratching post to their size, in the trunk spirit of our house.

This large scratching post combines aesthetics and functionality so that cats can do their manicure, while having an exceptional object at their disposal.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior covered with jade green calfskin.

Jewelry in natural "croupon" leather fixed by solid brass trunk nails.
Handles in natural leather, lined and sewn with linen thread.

The interior scratching posts are made of interchangeable corrugated cardboard.

Dimension: L29.5 x H4.7 x W19.7 inches
Prestige bowl
Food for felids

To maintain the aesthetic harmony of detail, it was inconceivable that the so-called exceptional felines could not feed themselves in bowls worthy of their rank.

The Prestige Bowl therefore allows felines to eat their meals in the best possible conditions.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Handmade white ceramic bowl with curved lines.

Solid oak support embellished with solid brass studs and sheathed around the edge in brown calfskin. Chocolate calfskin angles fixed by lozine brass studs.

Small "elephant ear" handles in natural "croupon" leather, sewn with linen thread.

Dimension: L11.8 x H2.9 x W11.8 inches
The Cube

Trunk-style cat cube


It’s in the spirit of a trunk maker that Maison Malles jm has revisited the traditional Cat-Cube to make it an exceptional and aesthetic object for masters and a very cozy nest for felines.

This cube-trunk serves as a sleeping place, a play area and a refuge zone, while at the same time pleasantly decorating even the most welcoming living rooms.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior sheathed in oak brown grained cowhide leather.
Edges in oak moss green grained cowhide leather, riveted with brass lozine nails.

Jewelry made of solid brass.

Interior made of extra-soft polar bear cotton microfiber.
Dimension: L15.7 x H15.7 x W15.7 inches
Cat Home trunk
The "home sweet home" of felines

This trunk takes the proportions of the classic courier trunks of the 1900's to offer felines, thanks to its central opening, a place to sleep, a play area and a refuge zone while decorating the owners' homes.

The opening of the trunk lid reveals two removable storage trays and allows access to the pillow.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior in cigar brown cowhide leather.
Interior in light copper colored suede.

Edges in sisal brown cowhide leather, fixed with nickel lozine nails.
Handles in natural hazelnut colored croupon leather, lined and sewn in linen thread and saddle stitch.

Nickel jewelry.

Dimension: L31.5 x H18 x W20.4 inches
Cat Tower

Trunk-style cat tree tower


This cat tree made of a stack of trunk cubes, offers to felids an entertainment object with multiple hiding places and to masters an exceptional object of interior decoration.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Exterior in dark bronze cowhide leather.
Interior in light copper colored suede.

Edges in cereal cowhide leather, fixed with brass lozine nails.

Solid brass jewelry.
Dimension: L18.5 x H39 x W18.5 inches
Cat Toilet Trunk
Toilet house for felids

This exceptional trunk sublimates and dresses up a room while hiding the feline litter. 

The opening of the two butterfly doors allows access to the litter box and the entrance mat, located on the side with an opening in the shape of a stylized cat head.

The cover conceals a set of compartments that allow to store the different accessories necessary for the cleaning of the cabinet.

Price, ask for manufacturing

Descriptif :
Cobalt blue smooth cowhide exterior. 
Sky blue suede interior.

Turquoise cowhide leather edges, studded with brass lozine nails. 
Handles in natural croupon leather, lined and sewn in linen thread and saddle stitch.

Solid brass jewelry.

Dimension: L31 x H19.5 x P19.5 inches
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