Trunks and objects designed to your measure
and entirely made by hand

Participate in the preparation of your journey, by designing the project of your jm trunk or an object that inspires it.

Together, we will imagine the destination of this enterprise, motivated by a desire to decorate your home, build an exceptional storage piece or simply for a crush.

We will then draw a sketch of your jm trunk, according to your preferred dimensions, using artisanal materials and colors of yesteryear, to best suit the usageyou will give it.

The next step will be the entirely handcrafted realization of the imaginary, using the greatest care, and followingthe rules and traditions of the greatest trunk makers, while integrating the functions of our modern age.

The outcome of this joint journey will allow you to discover the realization of the long desired unique object.

Noble materials
for exceptional trunks
Leather, brass, palladium, nickel, velvet and suede
are among the high-quality materials used to create jm trunks.
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