An unusual story
gives birth to extraordinary trunks

jm have been crafted in the most beautiful way in accordance with great trunk-making traditions, using only noble and precious materials.

Each creation is tailor-made, based on the sketch established jointly, or left to our inspiration, according to the wishes of each one.

jm trunks are designed to embellish interiors while respecting the genesis of their functions.


Originally, the passion for trunks started as a functional object.

The hypnotizing substance, with its beauty and greatness, inspires sensory escape to travel.

The imagined shape, the precious materials, the meticulousness of the details, the rare materials and the art of assembly of each trunk imposes a presence that will immediately sublimate a room and spark the desire to touch it to experience a mixed feeling of gentleness, delicacy and virility.


Starting from a purely functional idea, the work gradually took the form of a project that would combine the usage, the aesthetics, as well as the destination.

The first jm trunk was born.

The very concept of the trunk maker work became obvious, allowing it to be broken down into multiple projects that were to follow.

Creativity, innovation and tradition were to be the key words of this new adventure in a prestigious and artisanal world.


The shaping of a trunk cannot be improvised. It requires the learning and the mastering of the rules and know-how applicable to prestige craftsmanship.

Jean-Marc has acquired the required expertise for the making of luxury trunks, thanks to an apprenticeship solely based on the observation of the know-how of the besttrunk makers, following the greatest artisanal tradition of this noble profession.

A famous house was also the first source of inspiration and initiation, as a trunk maker since 1854.

jm trunks’ identity has developed through the specificities of manufacturing and aesthetics, thus giving them a particular and unique character.


Elegance is synonymous with simplicity and sobriety.

The interiors of jm trunks follow this precept, leaving room for a large chest, surmounted, from time to time, by one or more generously sized trays.

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